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Partner in the Financial Institutions Group and the Disputes Resolution Practice at the Delhi NCR office of Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. Pallavi not only has extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation but has advised a number of global and domestic financial institutions, including, securities market intermediaries, banks, non-banking financial companies on a wide range of regulatory matters, including advising on entry – level licensing and ongoing compliance issues, market conduct related issues, etc. She also specialises in advising and representing bank and non-bank clients in relation to enforcement actions by Directorate of Enforcement, Serious Fraud Investigation Office, etc. She is also a registered patent agent and advises on various licensing/ transfer of IP/ Technology in M&A transactions/ investment rounds etc. using her vast experience in intellectual property litigation. She can be reached at

Domain Name Registrar or Do Not Register? – The Question to be Answered

Domain Name Registrars (“DNR”) assist users in registering websites with a domain name of their choice. DNRs collect information from the user and submit it to the respective domain registry. This has resulted in several users misusing intellectual property of third parties either unintentionally or with the intent of riding upon the goodwill of such third parties. Consequently, DNRs, the ad-hoc gatekeepers of the internet, have come under intense scrutiny of the courts. Continue Reading Domain Name Registrar or Do Not Register? – The Question to be Answered

Arbitrability of IP Disputes – A Step Forward?

Arbitration as a means of resolving commercial disputes has progressively become the default mechanism around the world, including in India. However, the public policy exception may be invoked to make certain subject matter inarbitrable. This article deals with one of these putatively inarbitrable areas in India: intellectual property and the reasoning of the Indian courts to render intellectual property disputes inarbitrable.Continue Reading Arbitrability of IP Disputes – A Step Forward?